The Manifesting Games of Susan James have been used over and over in the
various courses, books and consulting moments.
They’ve also been sent out in email for those asking for The Basic Manifesting
101 Starter Kit.
..I recently decided it would be a ‘good and fun thing’ to add
them to my repertoire of blogs..

The Games ‘work’.

I first began developing these games because I needed a fun way to use and apply
the things I was learning; and in a way that would ‘make me do it’. Everything
grew and expanded from there.

If you are a writer, candlestick maker, baker, lawyer, Indian chief, no matter your
spiritual/religious affiliation, expansion beliefs and or non-conformist ways and
means, these games will work for you. You can change them as you need fit and
be as flexible and forgiving as you will allow yourself to be.

You can use them to lose weight, make money, and find romance.

These games are easy but there is a ‘catch’.
Along the way, you will run smack dab into yourself…It is at this point, we have a
choice to make…Draw the line in the sand, get over ourselves and do the ‘re-do’
dance. Begin again with The Manifesting Games of Susan James.

It is my intent as well as Hank Ramsan’s (The Millionaire Maverick) that
everyone, has a Magic Wall, and knows and understands how to use it.
It is with this Blog, that I add to Hank’s dream.

Susan James
“There Are No Rules, No Boundaries, No Limits, Other Than Those Self Imposed
And Self Inflicted.”
(From Manifesting 101 & Beyond (The Book)

Susan James One-Two-Three Announcement
We are putting these games and MORE Into practice
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It’s a Susan James Combo Course/Book/Playground
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